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Does this sound like you? 

  • Has something within you has been calling you to read tarot.. but you have no clue where to begin

  • You have tried to read tarot before but are struggling.  You are unsure if you are interpreting the information correctly. 

  • You would love to learn how to read for yourself and others, but you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the options. 

  • You know tarot somewhat but are looking for a mentor to teach you how to read tarot correctly and confidently.

  • Finally be able to read tarot clearly without confusion or second guessing.



  • Could accurately read tarot NOT just for yourself and but for others too?



  • Having the ability to have INSTANT ANSWERS and connect with spirit without having to wait or asking someone else for them.



I remember... 

struggling to learn the meaning of tarot cards


I remember...

The confusion


I remember...

doubting myself every time I read the tarot if I even read it correctly at all. 


It was frustrating    

Until.....I simplified the Tarot. 


It was my game changer.


I started almost immediately reading Tarot easily and accurately.

Which what you will learn in this course. I created it to help people like you who were just like me get out of their Tarot Reading funk. To help you transition from the Tarot learner into the Tarot reader you were meant to be in no time (and then some )



Tarot Reading The Simple Way

Learn how to read tarot confidently and simply in just 4 weeks

Here’s how Tarot Reading The Simple Way is different from other courses:

  • It's personal

    Each week we meet up for a live Zoom class for a live lesson and  Q & A’s. For the course share a private facebook group where all class members can interact with one another. This is great when you need accountability to stay on track.

  • It teaches you step by step

    Unlike other courses this course is filled with multiple new weekly videos.  I teach you step by step not only the meanings of the cards easily but also how to put your new tarot reading skills into practice.

  • It teaches you methods that really stick and simple

    Say goodbye in struggling to memorize tarot. I am going to teach you simple techniques that make tarot reading a breeze and that you can't forget.

  • It's PACKED downloadable material, practice exercises

    Yes you do , and guess what? That you have a Life-Time Access too.  Take your time these lessons do not expire.




By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

Confidently read and interpret the Tarot so that you can

  • Read the Tarot Without digging for a book, be free of feeling the need to have a book to guide you for tarot always.

  • Be able to predict out comes,  you will know how to conduct tarot readings not just know what the cards mean.

  • Read for yourself and others, your on-ward into developing into a profession. 

Here’s what you’re going to get from this course:

  • The Orientation Training Series

    (Value $197)

    ACCESS GRANTED. 🗝️  Before class start , unlock the "Orientation Tarot Training Series" which kick starts your tarot learning reading experience even before classes begin. Which is packed with videos and learning material that teaches you:


    • How to open your third eye

    • Set up a proper tarot reading space

    • How to choose your perfect working tarot deck

    • How to properly ground yourself before a reading

    • The keywords of every tarot card

    • & More 

  • The Deciphering The Tarot 12-Part Video Series 

    ( Value $499 )

    NO MORE Confusing tarot cards. Decode the Tarot.  Take my hand as I walk you through each of the 78 tarot cards in this 12 part video series. Deciphering the tarot video series will teach you the meaning of each card on simple terms with methods that you WILL remember. Erase the confusion of not ever knowing what a tarot card means just by this series alone.

  • Reading With The Tarot 6-Part Video Series

    ( Value $299 )

    Putting it all into practice. In this video series you will learn how to perform actual tarot readings. This is not unlike your everyday crash tarot courses though. In this 6 part video series you will learn:

    • How to perform tarot readings correctly.

    • How to bridge tarot meanings together

    • How to read correctly with tarot spreads and my favorite tarot spreads

    • And learn others tips &  skills that you will empower your tarot readings such as how to cleanse your tarot cards and more.

  •  Access to  the Live Tarot Study-hall Meets

    ( Value $299 )

    gain access to the  4 previously recorded live tarot study hall meets on 4 different live tarot  teaching topics

  • Downloadable Content 

    ( Value $199 )

    Material that matters. Downloadable content that will push your tarot reading new skills into hyper drive.  All students of Tarot Reading the simple way receive access to Tarot learning enhancement materials created by Emilie. Receive one of a kind Cheat sheets, Journal templates, Tarot reading template, guides and more.

  • Special Bonus: Discover your Tarot Spirit Guide

    Your Tarot guide awaits. As a special bonus at the end of this 4 week course all students  will connect live in the study hall. You will learn how to find your current Tarot spirit guide. We will then dig deep to find out what messages that your guide has for you and I will guide you on how to tap, tune in and connect with them daily.

Are You Finally Ready To Ready To Be The Tarot Reader That You Were Meant To Be?



Tarot Reading The Simple Way


  • The Orientation Training Series (Value $197) 
  • The Deciphering the tarot 12-part video series (Value $499)
  • The Reading with the Tarot 6-part Video series (Value $299)
  • Access to 4 Zoom Live Tarot Study-hall meets (Value $299)
  • Tons of Downloadable content (Value $199) 
  • and More

When you add that all up, it comes out to

A Total Value Of = $1493



but you can Enroll Today for a special investment of ONLY

2 payments of

$222 or $399

Total Value = $1493  -- Total Investment = $399

($1493) ($399)





Emilie Muñiz,

Your new Spunky, down-to-earth, Pro reader Tarot Instructor!  Excitedly Waiting to closely teach you her pearls. 

Hi, Future Tarot card Slinger 

I can’t wait to meet you inside Tarot Reading The Simple Way!


I’m Emilie,  Tarot deck creator of Simplicity Tarot,  Full-Time Professional reader, Spiritualist and Tarot mentor to many.


I am also insanely crazy about red roses, crystals and anything forest related. Especially bears, which is nuts because I am born and raised in NYC.  (Don't mind my deep Brooklyn accent when we meet. )


Believe it or not  though once too, I too was struggling to read Tarot.  Tarot was not always an easy street for me. Tarot as magical as it may seem is not a gift that you magically are born to just know how to do. It's a skill set that needs to be learned in order to do correctly.


And oh my was it tough for me at first. At first for me it was overwhelming, confusing and my confidence of interpreting the information correctly was at a rock bottom low. 


Passionate about mastering reading Tarot for myself and others I did not give up. I’ve spent years tuning, testing and crafting my skills into creating the easiest most effective tarot reading methods. And now i'm so excited to now pass on these pearls onto my students.


See you soon in class Future Tarot Card Slinger


Not sure if Tarot Reading The Simple Way is for you?

Tarot Reading The Simple Way is for you IF : 

  • You have been struggling to read tarot and are ready to learn


  • You believe in the power of Tarot


  • You want to empower yourself and others through tarot divination


  • You are looking for a Mentor who actually gives a damn and is highly skilled.


  • You enjoy courses that you can do at your own pace because, life gets busy.

There has never been a better time to EMPOWER YOUR LIFE THROUGH TAROT DIVINATION.

I want you to take a minute and picture what kind of a tarot reader / diviner you want to be in the next 3 years from now…..


Now let me ask you this:


Do you honestly believe that if you kept doing things exactly the same as you are right now, that you’d end up where you want to be?


The answer is no!


The only way to get a different result is to do things differently!

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Total Value = $1493

Total Investments= 2 Payments of $222 or $399


2 Payments of

$222 or $399

Tarot Reading The Simple Way

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